PE and School sport at PV Autumn 2021

Date: 11th Jan 2022 @ 5:19pm

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity at Prospect Vale - Autumn term 2021

It’s been a very busy term at PV. We have made the most of being as active as possible following a very unsettled time in our world! It was great to have everyone back in school after the summer holidays..
So what’s been going on across school?
•    In Nursery, the children have been working on basic fundamental skills, focusing on gross motor movement. The children enjoy regular outdoor sessions, allowing them time to walk, run, climb, ride bikes and scooters and explore our outside provision.
•    In Reception a big focus has been fundamental skills and really progressing the basics – different ways to move, balance and climb. The children have had lots of fun exploring ways to travel using a Jungle theme – there’s been monkeys, snakes, lions and frogs in Reception!
•    Year 1 have been working really hard in gymnastics. They have learned the basics on the floor and then moved to skills on the apparatus, including linking different skills together. Year 1 have also focused on ball skills – ball handling, games and teamwork and even introduced basic equipment and Orienteering.
•    Year 2 have also been working really hard on their gymnastic skills. They have been linking skills together on the floor and on apparatus and can choose elements to go into a sequence. Other areas we have worked on are different ball skills - including using some equipment and Orienteering.
•    Year 3 have been working on advanced gymnastic skills on the floor and on apparatus. They are able to construct good routines and sequences and evaluate their own skills with the ability to improve quality and technique. Year 3 have been busy also working on different ball skills in netball, tennis and football, and had Cricket sessions from Cheshire County Cricket Club.
•    Year 4 have been attending swimming lessons every Friday at Cheadle swimming pool and have been progressing well. Year 4 have had cricket coaching from Cheshire CCC.

•    Year 5 have worked with Mrs O’Hare and gained many hockey skills focusing on movement and technique. They have perfected specialist moves such as the push pass and the pull and spin around! They have also had cricket coaching.
•    Year 6 have also had cricket coaching from Cheshire County Cricket Club and Mr Dudley has remarked on the amazing progress made, not only in throwing and catching skills but the children’s understanding of the game and tactics. Year 6 have also been learning tag-rugby and worked with Mrs O’Hare on athletics skills.
In the first half term we took part in a whole school, 6 week ‘Smile for a mile challenge’. Each week every child’s laps were recorded and awards were given to individual champions, class champions and most improved performers. 
Our overall total as a school was a staggering – 
10,780 laps = 768 miles!
The class champions were Year 5 with a total of 2,250 laps = 160.5 miles.
Once again ‘Santa Dash’ was a huge success, so far totalling £528.00 for our chosen charity LimbPower.
•    Year 5 represented our school at the Year 5/6 Sportshall athletics competition @ Aquinas College.
•    Our Year 6 athletics team competed at The Indoor athletics transition competition @ SportCity.
Mrs O’Hare has been coming in on a Wednesday and worked with our Year 5 and 6’s this term. Mrs O’Hare and I have also been team teaching selected fitness groups across KS2 on a Wednesday afternoon.
More exciting competitions and activities are planned for the next term…… FINGERS CROSSED!
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