PE, School sport and Physical Activity - Summer 2022

Date: 20th Jul 2022 @ 4:30pm

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity at Prospect Vale – Summer term 2022

My goodness, it’s been BUSY this term at PV!

All classes have ensured the children are getting their twice weekly PE lessons and lots of opportunities to get outside and be as active as possible. A large amount of additional special events and activities have also taken place, so the children have had lots of opportunities to enjoy plenty of physical activity and competitive sports.
So what’s been going on across school?

•    In Early Years – Nursery and reception – they have made the most of the dry weather and our fantastic outdoor space. Plenty of work on extending and developing gross motor skills have taken place by using the outdoor playground equipment, running on the school field and using bats, balls, hoops and bean bags. Basic throwing and catching skills have been taught and the children’s confidence in climbing and using other equipment has grown.
•    Year 1 have learned basic skills in a variety of different sports such as football, cricket and tennis and focused on aiming, hitting and kicking skills. They have worked on lots of different aspects of athletics including running for speed, relays, long jump and javelin throwing. Year 1 have enjoyed learning all about some different commonwealth games sports and have enjoyed outdoor lessons with Perry the Bull!
•    Year 2 have also worked on skills in different sports and focused on throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking and hitting for accuracy. They have also learned different aspects of athletics and have loved commonwealth games outdoor PE with Perry! A particular favourite was hockey.
•    Year 3 have really worked on running for speed and enjoyed the 100 metre time challenge. They have looked at various different commonwealth sports and tried a number of them, a favourite being basic rugby skills. Year 3 are beginning to show good understanding of rules and techniques and playing cooperatively as a team. Year 3 also WON the Stockport SHAPES Key Stage 2 Wake up Shake competition for their routine called ‘Champion’ – Well done Year 3!
•    Year 4 have worked again with Mrs O’Hare over the last term (alongside Mrs Pammenter & Mr Nixon) and focused on net/wall games, striking and fielding games and athletics. They have also played various team games and enjoyed different challenges in groups. Year 4 are working more cooperatively to succeed in OAA challenges as small groups and pairs.
•    Year 5 have been taking the opportunity to use the amazing outdoor facilities we have at PV - the Forest school area and school field. Mrs O’Hare has worked with Year 5 particularly focusing on striking and fielding games (involving some rounders matches), net/wall games and athletics. Year 5 have also taken part in OAA challenges.
•    Year 6 have been very busy and been enjoying lots of time outside. Skill areas this term have been striking and fielding games particularly for accuracy and to use effectively in game tactics. They have also taken part in OAA challenges and athletics lessons and competitions.

Competitions and extra opportunities
•    We have been able to enjoy so many more whole school competitions and fun events – including A Royal Run, our cancer research event and the 5K commonwealth games challenge.
•    It has been fantastic to see the return of ‘Normal’ sports days – both EYFS/KS1 and KS2 sports days were packed……. And the parents races on both days were absolutely amazing.. We have some very speedy parents so we now know where our brilliant children get their talent from!
•    We took part in The Big Leap – a borough wide competition that we, here at PV, first introduced a few years ago and are very proud of.
•    We have celebrated The Commonwealth games in and out of the classroom and playground, and enjoyed learning about different sports. We celebrated Soccer Aid and had cricket coaches in to work with groups of children.
•    Mrs O’Hare has continued to be at school on a Wednesday working with KS2 classes and the teaching staff in the morning. Mrs O’Hare and I team teach selected groups in the afternoons on a weekly basis.

**Lastly, I am incredibly proud to announce that Prospect Vale was awarded the GOLD school games mark for our commitment to engagement in school sports and also Stockport’s own GOLD mark in the Key Stage 1 PE, sport and physical activity Quality award**

I am really looking forward to making sure that 2022/2023 is the best year to date for PV in PE, school sport and physical activity and look forward to many more opportunities for competitive sport and games. 
Hopefully this means we will be able to return to more normality and can continue to keep our children happy, active and enjoying lots of engaging and fun PE and sport. The children take part in regular ‘Pupil voice’ surveys and can come and see me at any time if they have ideas for different sports, equipment or wish to try something!
Re -introducing extra-curricular clubs, inviting more local sports clubs and community groups in for taster sessions and signposting our pupils to excel in sport outside of school as well as in school.
Mrs Hall 

Prospect Vale Community School

Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 3RJ