PE, school sport and physical activity at PV - Summer 2023

Date: 28th Jul 2023 @ 10:48am

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity at Prospect Vale – Summer term 2023


The children are getting their twice weekly PE lessons and lots of opportunities to get outside and be as active as possible. A large amount of additional special events and activities have also taken place, so the children have had lots of opportunities to enjoy plenty of physical activity and competitive sports.

  • In Early Years – Nursery and reception – when they have managed to dodge the rain, they have made the most of our fantastic outdoor space. Plenty of work on extending and developing gross motor skills have taken place by using the outdoor playground equipment, running on the school field and using bats, balls, hoops and bean bags. We have had fun sports day style games and football!
  • Year 1 – the class have focused on athletics and games. We have practiced running for competition (speed), used javelins and done various jumping – long jump, vertical jump and speed bouncing. We have used different types of balls for throwing, catching, rolling, hitting, kicking, bouncing and aiming.
  • Year 2 – the class have also focused mainly on athletics and games. We worked on our jumping for The Big Leap and progressed our ball skills further by playing games that needed more accurate passing, dribbling and aiming. Year 2 also used tennis rackets for hitting and aiming.
  • Year 3 – they have had their weekly swimming lessons and had athletics and games sessions. We worked hard on the basics of rounders, learning to use the bat safely and accurate bowling. Year 3 also took part in lessons in the lead up to The Big Leap.
  • Year 4 – Year 4 were successful in playing full games of rounders, understanding the rules and accurately bowling and striking the ball. The have had lessons in athletics involving running for speed, hurdles and throwing javelins.
  • Year 5 – again, Year 5 focused on summer games and played rounders and cricket. They developed their striking skills and worked on fielding – catching high balls and moving and communicating for technique. They looked at throwing for distance, speed and accuracy. Year 5 also took part in preparation for The Big Leap.
  • Year 6 – they have plenty of time to get outside after working hard and completing their SATs! Year 6 have worked on striking and fielding games and can now show good knowledge of the basic principles involved in a competitive game. They have extended their ball handling skills and using different equipment (cricket bats, rounders bats, hockey sticks) Year 6 have also taken part in athletics lessons and finished the year off with a fun ‘tough mudder’ style race.

Competitions and extra opportunities

  • We have been able to enjoy so many more whole school competitions and fun events – including the 5K challenge, The Big leap, KS1 Multi skills, athletics festivals and rounders.
  • 9 children represented PV at the Chillfactore winter Olympics organised by SHAPES.
  • Cheerleading and dance continued for both reception/KS1 and KS2 and they performed a routine for parents and carers on their last session
  • Football clubs and Multi-skills continued for children across the Key stages.
  • Both our EYFS/KS1 and KS2 sports days were packed……. And the parents races on both days were absolutely amazing. I changed the format slightly this year and it worked well and was very pleased with the feedback from our parents.
  • Mrs O’Hare has continued to be at school on a Wednesday working with classes across the school and the teaching staff in the morning. Mrs O’Hare and I team teach selected groups in the afternoons on a weekly basis. The end of the term did mean the children and staff said a sad Goodbye to Mrs O’Hare who is retiring. Mrs O’Hare has been coming into PV working alongside me for 6 years and will be hugely missed.
  • Prospect Vale achieved the GOLD mark in the Your school games awards for the 2nd year running and also received GOLD in Stockport’s KS1 awards.
  • Prospect Vale were awarded 5 different accolades at the Stockport SHAPES awards held at The Plaza. We also had an amazing 10 individual awards winners who accepted their medals and certificates from the special guest, England rugby international Raffi Quirke live on the Plaza stage infront of a packed audience.


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