PE Funding

Continuing Impact of the Primary sport funding at Prospect Vale Primary School from April 2017 – Sara Hall (updated October 2017)


1) How has it increased participation rates in activities such as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics?

Prospect Vale continues to be part of the Stockport School Sports partnership allowing greater opportunities for pupils to take part in School sports. This also allows more specialised, regular CPD in different areas of sport for school staff to attend.

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 attended Boys and girls active days which allowed them to sample ‘alternative sports’ and bring those back into school sharing their new experiences with pupils form all Year groups. The girls group have had Zumba training and the boys group have had Boxercise training.

By being members of the Stockport SSP it allows us free access to the SSSP Community Swimming Scholarship programme for pupils identified through the schools’ swimming programme as non-swimmers in Year 5/6.

Continually updating our equipment for the sports council and lunchtime play leaders by purchasing new items such as balls, hoops and target games.

2) Has there been an increase in competitive school sports?

Prospect Vale have the opportunity to attend regular competitions and events set up by Stockport SSP allowing pupils from different year groups to compete in different sporting activities – these include cricket, tennis, golf, athletics and gymnastics. Some events are already in the diary and in-house tournaments are set up.

A ‘Sports council’ has been elected and they help to ensure pupils have the opportunity to take part in regular physical activities and set up competitive games.

Annual sports day where ALL children take part.

Friendlies have been arranged with local cluster schools and mini-olympic style events with cluster school classes.

Cheer and dance competition dates are in the diary and the teams are already training for these.

3) Has the physical education curriculum become more inclusive?

High quality opportunities are continuing to be offered across all Year groups. More children have become involved in joining in Lunchtime activities.

A girls Active club & Boys Active club has been set up during a lunchtime to encourage pupils form all Year groups to take part in structured activities set up and delivered by the committee members.

We have purchased a wider range of equipment catering for all ages and abilities.

We have been able to maintain the PE equipment and carried out repairs where needed.

4) Has there been a growth in the range of provisional and alternative sporting activities?

The children have been given the opportunity to try different physical activities using a variety of external sports providers.

Gail O’Hare (Stockport MBC SSCO) – Working with all classes delivering a variety of sports to extend the curriculum. Gail is also running a lunchtime running club for UKS2.

Laura Kendall – Year 4/5 – Contemporary dance

Ks1 and KS2 teams have both competed at the National Cheerleading championships.

Football teams have competed at both the Heald Green Festival and The Bolshaw community football cup.

Year 5 have taken part in track riding at The Manchester Velodrome.

The provision of staff time to identify needs and assess the impact of school sports on the children. Monitoring and assessment means some pupils are being identified in areas they may excel and are being introduced to appropriate opportunities outside of school. Advice and support given in these areas.

Pupils from different year groups have been given the opportunity to take part in Extra-curricular clubs including Cheerleading for Key Stage 1 and 2 children, football and multi-skills.

5) Is there improvement in partnership work with other schools and local partners?

Termly meetings with PE leaders in the SSP group have meant the possibilities of many more sports events can be achieved. Stronger links made with local schools have been made by staff attending regular meetings and sharing expertise.

The Stockport SSP has allowed regular staff CPD training – staff have attending courses in activities such as EYFS and Key Stage 1 dance, invasion games, tag rugby, hockey, EYFS and Key Stage 1 football, gymnastics.

Links are continuing to build well with Kingsway High school.

Continuing strong links with outside agencies – details being passed onto children eg, Rising Stars, Pixies cheer, Harriers running club, South Manchester & Inspired Gymnastics club, local dance schools, local football clubs such as Inter Cheadle FC, Cheadle CC, Golf links and Karate clubs such as Black Panther.

6)Has there been links with other subjects that contribute to the pupils overall achievement?

Confidence and leadership skills are continuing to increase.

Cross curricular aspects of PE are continuing to be used ie. Maths - Smile for a mile.

Team work has promoted better listening skills and better social skills.

Working in groups has enabled the children to understand the importance of being able to take direction and take turns.

Team sports and PE continues to progress trust and consideration of others.

Celebrating pupil’s differences and achievements in sporting and physical activities out of school which impact on their emotional wellbeing and happiness in school.

7) Is there a greater awareness amongst pupils of the dangers of obesity, smoking and other activities that undermine their health?

Prospect Vale have once again been involved in the ‘Farm to fork’ programme.

We ensure the children are able to try different ways to keep healthy by trying different sports and activities.

The school celebrates ‘National Healthy eating week’, ‘National School sports week’ and ‘Walk to school fortnight’.

The school meal providers ‘Taylor Shaw’ have given the children and parents/carers the chance to have taster sessions to promote the positive effects of eating healthily and having a varied balanced diet.

Healthy living activities are taught in PSHE lessons across the school.

All children across school take part weekly in the ‘Smile for a mile’ initiative.