Cheerleading and dance

'Prospect Vale Flyers' are coached by Mrs Hall and take place every Thursday, straight after school until 4.20pm for the Key Stage 2 team - PV Flyers and every Monday, straight after school until 4.15pm for the Key Stage 1 team - PV Mini Flyers. The children get the chance to learn different levels of stunting, dancing and gymnastics, put together full routines and compete against other school teams regionally and nationally. 

PV Flyers teams aim to compete at 2-3 competitions annually and have an amazing reputation as being 1 of the leading School teams in the area. (Competitons are held at weekends and have an additional cost/entry fee) We have a huge collection of trophies proudly on display on the corridor. Both teams are competitive teams and are required to take part in competitions which are held at the weekend.











Prospect Vale Community School

Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 3RJ