Year 2 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Year 2



I hope you had a fantastic break. The children have all returned fresh and ready to work as they can for their final term in Year 2, in preparation for making the transition into Year 3.

Summer Term 

This summer term our topic is called ‘Long ago and far Away’, which will initially involve learning about dinosaurs and fossils which will have a scientific edge. Following the Whit half-term break, we will focus on castles and life for those who in lived in a castle community and compare life in modern day Heald Green to that of castle life in medieval times.

In geography we will be developing the children’s understanding of the UK by looking at the locations of castles around the country.  It will also give us the opportunity to research why they were built and the reasons for these locations – this will link to significant historical figures from this time. History will give us the chance to look at what happened to castles, find out facts about them and what sort of people were within the walls and the sort of lives they lived! In addition to this, we will learn about the Battle of Hastings and examine the Bayeux Tapestry. We will also make links to the fortified town of Carcassonne, France.

Our science work will involve exploring how we know that dinosaurs existed, the different types of dinosaurs and how they adapted to their environments. Our ICT lessons will involve learning to use scratch junior, a coding programme and safe use of the internet to do research.

In Art will examine the designs of castles, the rooms and the people from this era in time, including looking at the artist Paul Klee and his famous painting ‘Castle and Sun.’

Within English our main focus will be narrative and information writing.  We will be reading the story Beauty and the Beast. The children will then be creating their own stories with a beginning, middle and end, including capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks, description and a variety of connectives – but, so, because, then, next.  We will also begin to look at paragraphs and complex sentences. Poetry will also be a feature this half term.


Our Maths work will have links to the topic wherever that makes sense! We will continue to learn our times tables (2s and 10s as a starting point, then moving to 5s, 3s and 4s). Your child will be introduced to new calculation methods, as well as revisiting strategies already taught this year.  It is always beneficial, when at home or out and about, to check number bonds to 10, 20 and then 100.  Also reading analogue clock time is a skill some children don’t practise much. Being able to read o’clock, half past the hour, quarter past and quarter to would be very beneficial!

Spelling tests will continue to take place on a Wednesday. It is crucial you support your child's development by practising the spellings as they are sent home. 

Reading books can be changed either on a Monday or Thursday. Please continue to hear your child read in short bursts of around 10 minutes, daily if possible.  I cannot emphasise enough how important this is to your child’s continuing development.  It is also just as important to actually ‘talk’ with your child about the book.  So, for example, what they liked about it, what the characters were like and why, what exciting words the author has used to describe a setting?

PE sessions will also continue to take place on a Monday and Friday. We will begin to venture outside for PE as the weather improves so the children are welcome to bring trainers to wear. Earrings should be removed for PE sessions on those days.

Homework will remain to be given out on Friday and will need returning on Wednesday the following week. This work is quite often used in following lessons to support learning, so it is very useful for your child to complete to help consolidate their knowledge.

As you will know, the children will be taking part in the national SATs assessments in May. Please refer to the presentation from the SATs parents meeting on Thursday 28th April, which will advise you of how you can support this process. Good attendance during this assessment process is crucial, so please avoid any unnecessary absences. You can also support this process by ensuring your child has enough sleep, has a good breakfast and arrives at school on time. This will give your child the best start to the day and the best chances for their learning!

As previously mentioned, it is in this final term of Year 2 that we begin to prepare the children and look ahead to becoming Year 3, Key Stage 2 children. Your support with this would be really beneficial and very much appreciated. Below are some suggestions of how you can assist in promoting independence skills;

  • Encourage your child to get their own book bag ready at home.
  • Allow your child to carry their own book bag and water bottle on the way to school.
  • With homework, ask your child what they think they have to do first.
  • Allow them to make mistakes; they will learn from these!
  • Remind them about the power of good manners.


Many thanks for your continued support,


Mrs C Turnbull-Mills

Year 2 teacher

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